Vintage Shasta Trailer Weights, Dimensions and Features

Vintage Shasta trailers come in lots of different shapes, sizes and configurations; from tiny 12 footers, to spacious 24' travel trailers and even self-contained RV Motor Homes! If you're looking for vintage Shasta trailers for sale, it's often hard to know which model you should be searching for if you don't know the weight, dimensions and features of each vintage Shasta Trailer model. So to make it easier to find the Shasta Trailer model that best fits your needs, this page provides the weight, length, width, height, hitch weight and tire size for most of the common vintage Shasta trailer models you'll find listed for sale. Our specifications lists also indicate how many people can sleep in each trailer model, which models came with a toilet or a shower, and much more. The table below lists the most common vintage Shasta models (from the "Compact" to the "1500", "Airflyte", "Astroflyte" and "Astrodome" models), so just click on the model you're interested in to see the specs for that model. Now you'll finally get the answer to that; "how long is a Shasta Airflyte trailer" question you've been pondering! (Note that the length measurements are from the tip of the front hitch, to the rear bumper so the actual trailer "living space" will be smaller than the measurements listed in the tables).
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